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Available 23rd May 2024

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Author, Journalist, Speaker & Academic

Dr. Olive Heffernan is an award-winning science journalist who writes about oceans and climate change for a broad range of international publications. Olive started her career as a marine biologist and postdoc research scientist. Her work has appeared in Nature, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist, WIRED, BBC, Salon, Nature Climate Change and Guardian. Her first book THE HIGH SEAS: AMBITION, POWER AND GREED ON THE UNCLAIMED OCEAN is forthcoming in May 2024.

Before going freelance, Olive was an editor with Nature in London for five years, first covering climate change online, before becoming the first chief editor of the pioneering research journal Nature Climate Change. In 2019, Olive established a course on Communicating Climate Change at Johns Hopkins University, as part of their Master’s Program in Science Writing. In 2020, she received a Giles St Aubyn award from the Royal Society of Literature for non-fiction, for her forthcoming book THE HIGH SEAS. 


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"An urgently needed wake-up call about the threat to some of the planet's most vital but often overlooked ecosystems: the deep oceans. Profoundly informed, passionately written and thrillingly adventurous, Heffernan's book is both a masterful study in natural history and a forensic survey of the forces and activities that could cause irreparable harm to these precious resources."

PHILIP BALL, Author of CRITICAL MASS & Other Books