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Climate research gaining ground. Nature Climate Change. March 2016

The past five years have been an interesting time for the climate and for climate policy. But how has climate science evolved since Nature Climate Change first launched? In this feature for the 5-year anniversary of Nature Climate Change, the journal I launched back in 2011, I speak to physical and social scientists about how understanding has progressed in their particular fields of interest over the past five years.


The feature looks at advances in our understanding of issues including attribution of extreme weather events, the role of ocean heat uptake in explaining the warming ‘hiatus’, the role of aerosols in atmospheric warming and their potential role in mitigation, the impact of climate change on human migration, the climate-altering capabilities of various geoengineering schemes, the growth of predictive and data-rich social science,  and at how climate communication science is taking on the challenge of understanding how people perceive and respond to the challenge of climate change.


You can read the full article in the March issue of Nature Climate Change, here (behind a paywall).

Olive Heffernan

Olive Heffernan is a London-based freelance environment writer. Olive mostly writes about climate change and its impacts, but also writes more broadly on sustainable resource use. Here you can find an archive of her recent articles, link to her Twitter feed and her blog.

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