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The hidden fight to stop illegal fishing from destroying our oceans. WIRED. Sept 2019


Seabed mining is coming – bring riches and fears of epic extinctions. Nature. July 2019


Melting sea ice may be a boon for some Arctic whales, then a bust. National Geographic. July 2019


Interview on Arctic Change with the Simi Sara Show. Global News Radio Vancouver, June 2019


Scientists track damage from controversial deep-sea mining method. Nature, March 2019


Deep-sea mining could our wreck last unexplored ecosystem, New Scientist, Jan 2019


Fuel taxes are a bitter pill we must all swallow, New Scientist, December 2018


Coming down the tracks, Nature Climate Change, October 2018


UN makes a bold move to protect marine life on the high seas. Scientific American, Salon, Sept 2018


What’s the point of growing plants in space?, BBC Gardener’s World Magazine, August 2018


Review: Eye of the Shoal. BBC Wildlife Magazine, August 2018


How to save the high seas. Nature, May 2018


Could towing icebergs toward Cape Town solve their water woes. Global News Radio (Vancouver), May 2018


Towing icebergs to Cape Town is a poor way to halt the water crisis. New Scientist, May 2018


Why climate engineers are targeting Earth’s last pristine spots. New Scientist, April 2018


 Rock dusting on farms could cool the climate. New Scientist, Feb 2018


 Our best way to geoengineer the climate may well trash Earth. New Scientist, Jan 2018


Troubled waters. Scientific American, Jan 2018


Even small emissions cuts will slow sea level rise . New Scientist. Jan 2018


Tackling UK’s toxic air even more urgent than plastics. New Scientist. Jan 2018


Faltering carbon capture needs more investment, not doubt. New Scientist. Dec 2017


Let’s hope chickless penguin colony rebounds. New Scientist. Nov 2017


Steep decline of flying insects is a bad sign. New Scientist. Oct 2017


Global ocean fish farms to solve food security? There’s a catch. New Scientist. Sept 2017


Can a crowdsourced mega-forest offset Trump’s climate chaos? New Scientist. August 2017


Hailing e-Volvos as imminent saviours of the planet is nonsense. New Scientist. July 2017


Living with climate change: can we limit global warming to 2C?. New Scientist. July 2017


Geoengineering fears make scrutiny of ocean seeding test vital. New Scientist. June 2017


Unshackled, big auto will keep choking the world on diesel fumes. New Scientist. May 2017


 Captive breeding is a final roll of the dice for the Vaquita. New Scientist. May 2017


 A meaty issue. Nature. April 2017


 It just got harder to deny climate change drives extreme weather. New Scientist. March 2017


Reviving dead species may doom the living. New Scientist. February 2017


Great lettuce crisis is a taste of the climate crop chaos to come. New Scientist. February 2017


 The Nobel One. Trinity Today. October 2016


 An Earth made verdant by greenhouse gases brings its own dangers. New Scientist. May 2016


 Major biodiversity panel desperately seeks social scientists. Nature News. April 2016


Peaks and troughs. Nature Energy. April 2016


Reviving Europe’s long-lost beasts through mass rewilding. New Scientist. March 2016


Bison return to Europe in mass rewilding effort. New Scientist. March 2016


Climate research is gaining ground. Nature Climate Change. March 2016.


The mystery of the expanding tropics. Nature. Feb 2016.


Back from the brink. New Scientist. Jan 2016.


Polar wildlife under threat as ice melts and makes seas brighter. New Scientist, Dec 2015


Hundreds of giant dinosaur footprints found in Scottish lagoon. New Scientist, Dec 2015


 El Nino forces King Penguins to swim further. New Scientist, Oct 2015


 El Nino powered hurricane set to hit Mexico. New Scientist, Oct 2015


Bottoms Up. Scientific American, July 2014


Pacific puzzle. Nature Climate Change, March 2014


Earth’s ozone hole on bumpy road to recovery, National Geographic News, Dec 2013


Scientist solves mystery of green lightning, National Geographic News, Dec 2013


Plan to rear flies on an industrial scale, The Guardian, October 2013


The Dry Facts, Nature, September 2013


35 years of dry spells, Nature, September 2013.


The great greening, New Scientist, October 2013.


Warming the world’s food supply, Yale Environment 360, Feb 2013.


No going back, Nature, November 2012.